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The docile Orpington is a large, heavy bird weighing from seven to ten pounds. The soft, abundant plumage almost hides the legs. The head is small with a single, erect comb having five distinct points. The darker colours have dark eyes and legs, while the paler colours have red eyes and white legs. The chickens are not particularly fast to feather up.

From the side, the impression is of a U shape underbody and a short back which appears somewhat concave. The tail is compact and short, the feathers rising high and sweeping over to the rear. The gentle curves and soft feathering make for a very attractive bird. They are friendly and with such fluffy plumage continue to thrive and produce well in cold weather.

The Orpington continues to lay through winter. The average output per annum is between 110 and 160 tinted white to light brown eggs. Broodiness is a trait with the Orpington and they are good mothers. They cope well when confined.

Please Check here for Avalibility on Blue-Splash-Black Orpingtons: