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Our Rescue Pigs

Ready for a Forever Home

Piggy Sue

A female potbelly, spade, weighig about 75 lbs.

Piggy Sue came from a small pen outside,

since arriving at the ranch she has been socilazed with other pigs and spends time naping in the house. She enjoys the cuddle time as much as grazing outside.

Piggy Sue is about 4 years old, and would be bettter if there were less dogs around .


Marge is a small pig about 25lbs and is shy.

She's had a rough start to life and is looking for a  home with lots of time and love to give her. She is a little over a year old now.

Marge is a outside pig hasnt spent much time inside, would rather be out with the big piggies.


Poppy was rescued from the Fort Worth Shelter.

She had some major injuries that caused

her to have two diffrent surgies.

Even through her pain and troubles she is 

a sweet girl who just wants to be loved.

Currently living outside but would rather be a 

indoor pig.


Bloosom arrived with Big Blue,

She is a mellow Pig about 100lbs at 2 years.

Bloosom lives outside and enjoys the pondsie on warm days.

Social with other pigs and doesnt seem to mind the dogs running around.

Big Blue

Our Eldest pig on the ranch currently, over 6 years and weighting little over 250.

Big Blue is a gentle giant, although

he can be protective over his girls

and his space.

 Enjoys the company of other pigs, and dogs, as long as he is in charge.


Our Sweet Pinky, is fullsize now

over 4 years and about 150lbs

Pinky is friendly, kind and social.

She has spent her time outdoors

with Bloosom and Big Blue.

She enjoys her treat times as well a nice belly rub.


Jack is a young Boy, a little over a year and about 45lbs,  recently neturted.

Full of energy and enjoys the girls. Spends his days with Dasiy. 

Doesnt mind a a quick rub behind the ears either.


Dasiy is a sweet older gal,

around 150lbs.

Came from a small pen, so is enjoying her freedom to roam.

Daisy is being socialized with other pigs and dogs, and seems

to enjoy the new company.


Has Now Been Adopted !!

Congrats to Sweeet Oreo for finding a forever Home !

Al and Matt

Al and Matt are just over 6 months, arrived together and 

are never seen alone.

They spend nights in their crate,  and our litter trained.

They are social with other pigs, and dogs.

Still not so sure about humas, but

in time with treats they will be rolling over.

If you are interested in any of these wonderful pigs please contact us

for avaliability. We do require a adoption form to be filled out for review and a home visit may be required. Pigs are great pets although they require 

special needs, they are not like getting a dog.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Success! Message received. We will get back with you soon.

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